Personal information Date of birth:: 17.08.1972.

Nationality: kazakh

Education  Higher

1.      KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev, 1994 Specialty: Design and technology of electronic computing facilities Qualification: electronics engineer, designer-technologist.

2.      Kainar University ( Semey), 2009. Specialty: Economics Qualification: Bachelor of Economics.

Work experience 1994-1996-In the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Radar Engineer

1996-1997-Secondary school No. 19. Semey, OBZH teacher 1997-2006-individual entrepreneur,

2007-2008-Computer repair shop “CHIP”. Semey, repair master VT. 2007-2007-LLP “Algabas K7”. G. Semey, Specialist in Instrumentation and Control

2007-2011-University “Kainar” (Semey), Electronics Engineer for IT, teacher. 2011 – – KGKP College of Radio Engineering and Communications, Semey, teacher of special disciplines.

General experience by profession: 16 years

pedagogical:  13 years

in this educational institution:  10 years

Qualification category 1 qualification category
Advanced training courses ·     NAO “Holding” Kasipkor “” Center of Professional Education. Advanced training courses “Main aspects of the process of organizing and holding regional championships according to WorldSkills standards”, 72 hours

·     NAO “Talap” ” Teaching of special disciplines in English.language using the CLIL, TBLT and BOOPS models ” 72 hours, No. 1334

·     CPM AOO “NISH” “I learn to teach remotely” 40 hours, b/n NAO “TALAP” “Development and improvement of IT competencies of teachers”, 36 hours, No. 15162

Educational and methodological activities Subjects taught: Microprocessor technology, Fundamentals of electronics and radio-electronic devices, Maintenance and repair of computer devices, Maintenance of office equipment, Software and hardware testing tools, Data update and disaster recovery, Electronics, Microprocessor technology and high-tech equipment, Microprocessors and microcontrollers, Digital devices and microprocessor systems.
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