Personal data Date of birth: 18.06.1961

Nationality: Kazakh

Knowledge  High
Professional experience On August 30, 1985, Abay was hired as a teacher of secondary English.

March 30, 1987, English teacher. S.M. Kirov high school.

01.09.2016, English teacher Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University College.

01.09.2012, teacher of foreign languages College of Radio Engineering and Communication

General work experience Work experience in the specialty: 36 years

Pedagogical: 36 years

In this university: 9 years

Qualification category High
Professional development 1.     Kazakh Innovative University. Semey city. English Language Teaching Skills Development Course and the TKT Mobule 2 Preparation Program.72 hours

2.     Kazakh Innovative University of Humanities and Law. Semey city <Designing the process of teaching the English language in the context of the content of education>. 72 hours

3.     Center for Vocational Education “English Language” in the framework of updating the content of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, developed by the private institution “Pedagogical Skills Center” Independent Educational Organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” completed an online training course in the amount of 80 academic hours on the program of professional development of college teachers in the field of education. 80 hours.

Educational and methodical work Disciplines: English.

Professional English.

Email: Nurlan.urunbaeva.61@mail.ru

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