Winners of the National Championship WSK 2021

Students of College of Radio Engineering and Communication participated in the National Championship WSK 2021 in 3 core competencies:

  • Information cable networks
  • Network and system administration
  • CAD engineering graphics

and 3 additional competencies:

  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial design
  • Cybersecurity

According to the results of the championship, the winners were in the competencies of network and system administration, CAD engineering graphics, the Internet of Things.

№ п/п Competence Full name of the contestant Full name of the head Occupied place
1 CAD engineering graphics


Boken Kuanysh Daurenuly Zorin Denis Alexandrovich I
2 Internet of Things


Kayyrbek Bekbosyn Chairman of the Management Board ІІ
3 Network and system administration


Mukhortov Nikita Alexandrovich Duisenbayeva Asem Kaliaskarovna ІІІ
4 Information cable networks


Alexander Drummers Cherednichenko Maxim Vasilyevich Medallion
5 Industrial design


Timur Beisenbayev Kulpan Mukhametkalievna Tusupbaeva
6 Cybersecurity Kudageldinov Adil Duisenbayeva Asem Kaliaskarovna


On 13.12.2021, the College of Radio Engineering and Communications hosted an award ceremony for the winners and champions of the WSK National Championship. The winners were met by college students, teachers, administration. A video clip of the WSK National Championship was shown. Prize-winners and graduates of the college were awarded certificates for the 1st place – 200,000 tenge, for the 2nd place – 100,000 tenge, for the 3rd place – 50,000 tenge.

“CAD engineering graphics” 1st place” Participant: Kuanysh Boken. Guide: Zorin Denis Alexandrovich

“Internet of things” 2nd place. Participant: Kairbek Bekbosynov. Head: Kasimzhanov Aydin Kaddikbaevich

“Networks and system administration” 3rd place. Participant: Nikita Mukhortov. Head: Duisenbayeva Asem Kaliaskarova”Networks and system administration” 3rd place. Participant: Nikita Mukhortov. Head: Duisenbayeva Asem Kaliaskarova

Competence “Information cable networks”

Nominationsas “Uzdik maman”. Participant: Alexander Drummers. Head: Cherednichenko Maksudi Vasilyevich

Competence “Industrial design”,

Participant: Timur Beisenbayev. Head: Kulpan Mukhametkalievna Tusupbaeva

Competence “Cybersecurity”

Participant: Kudageldinov Adil. Head: Duisenbayeva Asem Kaliaskarova

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