Personal data Date of birth: Nationality: Kazakh
education Higher
Professional experience Teacher of special and economic disciplines
general experience By profession:Teaching experience: 26 years In this educational institution: 16 years
Qualification category higher
Advanced training courses 1. Advanced training courses of the IPR TVET on international requirements on the topic “Implementation of educational programs of the TVET developed on the basis of a modular competence approach” (NAO “Holding” Kasipkor “Center for Professional Education, 05-16 June 2017); 2. Advanced training courses of the IPR TVET on international requirements on the topic” CLIL methodology: subject-language integrated learning in the process of teaching special disciplines in English “(NAO “Holding” Kasipkor ” Center for Professional Education, 09-20 October 2017);

3. Expert certificate (NAAR, valid for 5 years, from 04.10.17);

4. Training seminar “Internal system for ensuring the quality of education in VET organizations” (NAAR, 26.10.2017);

5. Training courses “Training of internal auditors of the quality management system” (Kazakhstan Quality Organization 19.09.18, certificate No. 18.062.05)

6. Advanced training courses “Development of professional competencies of the teacher of the course “OPD”, (80 hours, NCE RK “Atameken”, certificate, August 2019);

7. Training in the course “International practices of professional education” on the SKLAD educational platform (24 hours, certificate, June 15-29, 2020);

8. Courses “Organization of independent work of students in the conditions of distance learning” (may 2020, NAO “Talap, 36 hours certificate”)

9. Refresher course “e-learning in Vet institutions from content to the organization of the educational process” (may 2020, NAO “Talap, 36 hours certificate»)

10. Advanced training courses “Development and improvement of IT-competencies of teachers” (August 2020, NAO “Talap”, 36 hours, certificate»)

11. Advanced training courses “Learn to teach remotely” (NIS, 40 hours, August 2020)

Educational and methodological activities Subjects taught:Organization and operation of postal services Organization of international postal exchange Economics and production management Management and ethics of business relations Marketing in the field of postal communication
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