Personal data Date of birth: 10/15/1963

Russian nationality

Marital status: not married, has a daughter

Education Высшее, Семипалатинский педагогический институт                               им. Н. К. Крупской

Год окончания: 1988 год

Специальность: «Математика и физика»

Квалификация: «Учитель математики и физики»


Professional experience 1998 – 2018 – “College of Radio Engineering and Communication” – teacher of mathematics and physics, subjects “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics”, “Numerical Methods”, “Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics”, “Medical and Biological Physics”.

1996 – 1997 – Vocational school “Bolashak”, teacher of mathematics.

1995 – 1996 – Private multidisciplinary school, physics teacher.

1988 – 1995 – Semipalatinsk SPTU-4 – educator, teacher of mathematics

1993 – 1988 – Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute named after N.K. Krupskaya

Total experience Total work experience – 42

Pedagogical – 32

In this educational institution – 23

Qualification category The highest



September 4, 2013 – State Institution “Education Department of East Kazakhstan region” certification for confirmation of the highest qualification category (certificate)

06/26 – 07/05/2017 NJSC “Holding” Kasipkor “” CPC IPR TVE according to international requirements on the topic: “Implementation of educational programs of technical and vocational education, developed on the basis of a modular-competence approach” (72 hours)

September 26 – October 5, 2017 NJSC “Holding” Kasipkor “CPC IPR TVE on international requirements on the topic:” CLIL methodology: subject-language integrated learning in the process of teaching special disciplines in English “(72 hours)

Educational and methodical activities Courses taught:


  “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics”, “Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics”, “Numerical Methods”, “Medical and Biological Physics”, “Mathematics” for MMT, “Mathematics”, “Physics”

Внеклассная работа:


  • participation of students in city and intracollegiate Olympiads;
  • participation of students in the intracollegiate conference;
  • participation of students in the week of general education disciplines;
  • participation of students in various competitions and games;
  • replenishment by students of the folder “Development of mathematics and physics in Kazakhstan”;
  • creation by students of abstracts, bulletins, newspapers, presentations, geometric models, computer programs on topics, tables and posters;
  • work with lagging students;
  • working with gifted students and preparing them for the city Olympiad
  • Methodical theme:
  • “Teaching physical and mathematical disciplines on the basis of modular technology as a means of organizing a comfortable educational environment”
  • Publications:
  • 4. Inside the college
  • Study guide “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics. Part 1. Theory of Limits “in 13 copies (2014)
  • Study guide “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics. Part 2. Differential calculus “in 13 copies (2015)
  • Study guide “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics. Part 3. Application of a derivative “in 13 copies (2016)
  • Study guide “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics. Part 4. Integral calculus “in 13 copies (2017)
  • 5. In the online pedagogical journal
  • Integrated lesson of mathematics, Kazakh and English on the topic “Inequalities” (2017)
  • Study guide “Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics. Part 1. Theory of Limits “(2017)
  • Test – a game on the theme “Theory of Limits” (2017)
  • Presentation “Elements of modular technology in mathematics lessons” (2017)
  • 6. In magazines:

·       Republican educational-methodical journal “Mathematics. Computer science. Physics. “, No. 3 (42), 2017. The field of mathematical miracles

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